What next?

The British School Rio de Janeiro Barra

The main objective of day 3 is for staff to have time to reflect, plan and connect.

Melissa Beeko and Mike Gardner, the TBS Staff Development Coordinators, will introduce the format of the day with all delegates at 08:00. Following that, participants from day 2 workshops will reconvene in small groups and reflect on their day 2 experience. With (hopefully) a night’s sleep under their belt, and some structured questions to promote discussion, we hope that delegates will leave this conversation with a clearer idea of what they will do differently as a result of their day 2 workshop.


Day 3, April 4th, 8am

1 - Reflect

Small groups, focus on day 2 workshop takeaways

2 - Plan

In departments or mileposts, focus on drafting T&L Goals

3 - Connect

All conference delegates, networking BBQ

After a break, TBS teachers will meet in departments (senior) and mileposts (primary) to start drafting T&L goals which will form the backbone of their appraisal for the rest of the year. Delegates from other schools will have this time to meet, network and have a look at the type of prompts we are using with our teachers to encourage effective transfer of knowledge gained from the conference into day-to-day practice.

All conference delegates will come back together for a celebratory BBQ to mark the end of the conference and a long awaited return to large scale, cross site, in-person INSET for The British School, Rio de Janeiro.