Freya Odell

Having previously been Key Stage Co-Ordinator, literacy lead, Head of Department and Director of Learning, Freya is now enjoying living in Rome and working at St George’s British International School (IB, IGCSE, KS3) as a Teacher of English.  With a passion for Research-informed practice, Freya has written for the TES and contributed to a wide range of educational books to include the ResearchEd Guide to Assessment.  She is the co-ordinator for ResearchEd Italia and is currently working on her first book – a huge collaboration project with fellow Tweeters exploring KS3 English.  She adores working internationally and is really looking forward to being a part of TBS Rio de Janeiro Education Conference 2023.

Freya will be presenting the following seminars:
• Oracy: It’s Good to Talk – promoting effective talk in the classroom for learning
• Oracy: The Power of Talk – utilising talk about learning to create confident, reflective and successful learnersacy 2: Oracy into Writing
• Developing a Whole School Reading Culture – from engaged readers in KS3 to independent researchers at IB.
•Academic Writing: Preparing Students for the EE and Beyond
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and the workshop
Accessing Higher Level IB Grades in English, and Curriculum Planning to achieve this.